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  • Beconfident® MISSION AND VISION

    The mission and vision for Beconfident® oral health company reflect its core values, goals, and aspirations and are;




    “To empower individuals worldwide with confidence through innovative, accessible, and effective oral health solutions, promoting smiles that radiate health and happiness.”




    “To become a leader in oral health, to be recognized for our unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and customer-centricity. We aim to revolutionize oral care, setting new standards for oral health influencing the overall body health, beauty, and self-assurance.”


    Beconfident® is an oral care developer, manufacturer and brand owner. We are innovative and understand how important prevention is to a sustainable oral health. Everything we produce aims to facilitate this, but we also have if needed, traditional problem-solving oral care products.

    We want to empower individuals worldwide with confidence through long term effective, innovative, accessible, and effective oral health solutions, promoting smiles that radiate health and happiness.


    ”Beconfident is not just talking about 
    white teeths or an aesthetic smile, 
    but the entire wellness in the oral cavity 
    and the importance of it.” 

    Beconfident® understand the connections between Oral Care, i.e. the hygienic status of the teeth and oral cavity, and Health Care, i.e. the health and well-being of other parts of the body. Any product developed from toothpastes to effective and safe home teeth whitening or sensitivity gels we have in mind the holistic body impact and therefore we only use natural or top-class raw materials with proven efficiency and well documented safety.

    Our research center is in Båstad, Sweden is collaborating with specialists both in the USA and EU. Our R & D expert team work creatively and quickly together understanding the modern customers purchasing behavior and demands from different parts of the world.  We are fortunate to have support from the Northern Europe largest medical company as well having a good insight in regulatory demands – all to make us upfront different, compliant and our customers confident.



    All our product claims are supported with studies or white paper documentation and are manufactured with care following cGMP in cleanroom ISO class 8 environment.



    Everything we do at Beconfident focuses on offering you the most innovative products and tools for your oral care. Products that make a difference for you that are based on the latest research and trends. Healthy teeth and gums are good for your confidence but are also essential for your general well-being. Our products have ingredients that deliver both local and general healthy effects.



    Multifunctional toothpastes

    Toothpastes for teeth whitening

    Toothpastes for sensitive enamel and gums

    Protect & Repair gels to strengthen and repair enamel.

    Sonic toothbrush system for gentle and effective toothbrushing



    Starter kit and refills for teeth whitening.

    Strips for teeth whitening

    Teeth whitening pencils

    Night serum gel

    Teeth whitening gel



    Dental Guards against teeth grinding / bruxism (medical class 1)



    Beconfident is a small but agile fast growing company. Our business  controls the entire product development and production process to ensure quality from start to go. Our current GMP manual and ISO 9001 certification is a proof of our dedicated work. The certificates confirms that we deliver what we promise and is a receipt to be sure our products are safe to use. We use only natural raw materials from well-known suppliers, manufacture, package and ship all essential products from our Swedish based factory in Båstad, in the south of Sweden. As we have everything under one roof it means less handling and transportation, shorter lead-times and is in line with our goal to every day reduce the CO2 emissions and follow environmental ISO 14001. It gives us ofcourse also total control.

  • TEAM


    We have a passion for oral health and our goal is to be a leader in this field where a confident smile is not only a beauty statement, but also builds personal inner strength and contributes to better general health. Our network of oral care experts contribute to our cutting edge products, and in combination with our passion and business drive, we bring confidence to our customers.


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    Our quality policy is based on always doing not just what we promised, but always doing the best.

    We are committed to delivering innovative and high-quality oral care products that exceed customer expectations and meet regulatory requirements. Our commitment to quality permeates every aspect of our business, from product development to manufacturing and distribution.



    We only use ingredients of the highest pharmaceutical quality or specially developed for oralcare, including from carefully selected suppliers who also meet our quality requirements, are socially responsible and have signed our code of conduct. Together with these partners, we have also ensured the traceability of all raw materials. Quality is checked at each arrival by sampling, measuring and checking the accompanying documentation – the Certificate of Analysis for each batch.

    The whole process is described in our cGMP manual, which is the basis for being certified according to ISO 22716. This means that we create products and services that are not only efficient but also safe for every user.

    We promise to:

    1. continuously improve our processes, products and services to increase customer satisfaction
    2. comply with ISO 9001:2015 standards and applicable laws and regulations
    3. follow in detail ISO 22716 and update our cGMP manual for Beconfident
    4. promote a culture of quality awareness among our employees through training, empowerment, competence and recognition.
    5. utilize the latest technology and best practices to ensure consistency, reliability and safety in all our products.
    6. establish and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers and partners who share our commitment to quality
    7. follow up customer orders in detail
    8. monitor and evaluate our quality performance regularly and set measurable objectives to drive continuous improvement
    9. communicate our quality policy and objectives to all stakeholders to ensure transparency and accountability
    10. Be the most ethical and trustworthy partner and live up to every promise made.

    Through these principles, Beconfident® strives to be a trusted oral care solutions provider, dedicated to promoting oral health and well-being for all customers



    Environmental policy


    Beconfident® offers and delivers innovative products in professional teeth whitening, home teeth whitening and daily oral care routines.
    Production and beauty account for a full quarter of global climate emissions and also a significant part of the earth’s water consumption. For these reasons, it is therefore extra important that we at Beconfident®, together with other leading companies, make the best possible use of our resources. Therefore, Beconfident® develops products with a reduced life cycle environmental footprint. For example, all our toothpastes have 29% smaller tube opening to avoid overdosing toothpaste in daily use (Beconfident® standard orifrice is 5.6mm).

    Beconfidents® will contribute to reduced environmental pollution on a daily basis. We believe this is incredibly important and we are proud to present our company’s various environmental goals below:

    – Comply with the prevailing environmental legislation
    – Zero waste tolerance
    – Develop Refill solutions with reduced packaging in degradable material qualities
    – Develop environmentally friendly products for our customers and consumers
    – Use only environmentally classified packaging and also reuse it
    – Minimize the amount of waste in our warehouse and office
    – Office materials must be eco-labeled
    – Work digitally and reduce paper consumption by everyone in the company working in Google Drive
    – Increase our knowledge of how our business affects the environment and develop accordingly
    – Update us on improvements where we at Beconfident® can help reduce pollution


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    Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) Making business more sustainable is no longer a matter of opinion, but part of the EU’s goal to be climate neutral by 2050. To achieve this goal, an increasing number of companies will be affected by new legislation at EU level. The CSRD is one such new directive that will ensure that companies report the impact of their social and environmental activities. The Directive will apply to a wide range of companies (large, medium and small) if what the sustainability report should contain is clearly specified. In preparation, Beconfident has started to look at what gaps we have and how we will collect the information to be able to report data according to the EU standard and that report will be included in our management report. Regardless of whether Beconfident’s size does not have legal requirements for us to live up to CSRD due to our size, we will still be proactive and collect data to a common platform. We will also ensure that our partners / subcontractors who have a turnover of more than 50 M Euro and have more than 250 employees live up to CSRD, all to contribute to an increased focus on sustainability.

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