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SimpleSmile® is now a registered trademark

31st January 2019

www.simplesmile.com and nordic domains to expand – all new and updated product packaging is in pipline as well we did receive the Trademark registration renewed until 2029. SimpleSmile® trademark approval SimpleSmile® is a brand within the Beconfident Group and is focusing on teeth whitening products  only. In Scandinavia it is sold throughout online stores and pharmacies. […]

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We are seeking Testpilots for Beconfident® Sonic Whitening Tootbrush

12th January 2019

We are seeking 10 Testpilots for Beconfident® Sonic Whitening Toothbrush – We offer one free toothbrush including one regular brush head and one Whitening brush head to all accepted Sonic testpilots  DAILY WHITENS AND CLEANS TEETH CAREFULLY Sonic Whitening & Toothbrush Sonic Whitening toothbrush with 38000 oscillations per minute 5 brushing modes – Clean – […]

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