2-pack teeth whitening mouth trays that can be used with all Beconfident® teeth whitening gels


    • Can be used for all types of teeth whitening
    • Extra soft and comfortable mouth tray
    • Very easy to shape after the teeth
    • Can be reused
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Beconfident® Teeth Whitening Mouth Trays can be used together with all Beconfident’s different teeth whitening gels. A suitable mouth trays is a prerequisite for a successful teeth whitening result as it is critical that the gel has as optimal contact as possible with the tooth surface. comes with detailed instructions on how to easily shape it to your own tooth row. The package contains 2-pack Teeth Whitening mouth trays, applicator for treatment of individual tooth surfaces and instructions for use.

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2-pack teeth whitening mouth trays that can be used with all Beconfident® teeth whitening gels

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Tested the products for a week
Tested the products now for a week - very pleased with the results and plan to use them in the future! Also received very good and quick assistance with questions I had about the products.
Easy to get in touch with them
Easy to get in touch with them, was a bit unsure how to use my product and got an answer after 3 hours. My teeth whitened in a nice natural way, and it didn't happen immediately either - clear recommendation.
It actually works!
It actually works! I ordered teeth whitening strips and teeth whitening pro kit and it actually works! Already after 13 days I can clearly see that my teeth have become significantly whiter. My family, who see me daily, have also noticed this.
Really happy with our toothbrushes!
Bought Sonic electric toothbrushes and their toothpaste in different flavours. It's been a long time since it felt so clean in my mouth. Also, the battery life is incredibly long. Cycled through Europe for 5 weeks without bringing the chargers and it lasted without problems. Really happy with our toothbrushes!