Teeth Whitening Kits

Beconfidents® offers several complete teeth whitening kits to help you find an alternative that suits you. All kits contain everything you need to smoothly and easily whiten your teeth at home with the best possible results. All kits contain teeth whitening gel, moldable mouth trays and instructions. Our more exclusive kits also include an after-treatment that repairs the enamel and protects the teeth against new discolorations. No teeth whitening result is permanent and to maintain a white result, we recommend that you go through a complete teeth whitening treatment approximately every three months.

Bleaching your teeth with Beconfidents® teeth whitening products is easy, effective and 100% safe. Our products are developed in Sweden and manufactured in the USA, all products are also tested and approved by dentists. Our teeth whitening products have received high marks in several tests and today we have over 500,000 satisfied customers. All product development takes place in Sweden and the USA in order to guarantee the highest possible quality.