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Monthly Archives: janvier 2020

Are you grinding your teeth? Are you waking up tired?

20th janvier 2020

Many of usare not aware that we grind or clench our teeth – it happens mostly at nightand reduce the quality of sleep that everyone needs – side effects are apartfrom less sleep, stiff neck, headache and very often long-term wear and tear ofyour teeth. If you orthe person you live with grinds their teeth […]

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Innovative, multifunctional, whitening toothpaste. Designed by science, made from nature for everyone.

17th janvier 2020

Beconfident® TOOTHPASTE EXPLORE KIT Try something new! – This is a toothpaste for every taste, need and moment; it comes in 5 unique flavors: Extra Mint, Coconut + Mint, Acai + Mint, Strawberry + Mint & Sensitive + Mint – We are now launching our EXPLORE KIT – this kit contains one 25 ml tube […]

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Why is an electrical sonic tooth brush the best for sensitive teeth?

12th janvier 2020

There are many reasons why You should choose an electrical Sonic toothbrush versus manual toothbrushing or one with a round brushhead. At BECONFIDENT, we would like to help you get ahealthier, whiter smile and if you follow our advice below you will come someway along the way. Electrical Sonic toothbrushing There are many scientific studies […]

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How can you avoid discolorations on your teeth and keep the original whiteness of your teeth?

8th janvier 2020

There are many reasons why we get discoloration on ourteeth and most have to do with our lifestyle and habits. Smoking, drinks likecoffee, tea, red wine and soft drinks are strongly discoloring but are quiteeasy to get rid of if you follow our advice. But we are also born withdifferent shades of teeth which is […]

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