(Article and electric toothbrush test, Sydsvenska Dagbladet March 2021)

Electric drive better for the teeth.

Using an electric toothbrush is a good start to improving your oral health.

How your mouth affects your whole body. Using an electric toothbrush is recommended by the Swedish Dental Association and is significantly more effective than brushing with a manual toothbrush. Today’s electric toothbrushes use two different basic techniques. Round brush heads pulsate and rotate in an oscillating motion, while elongated brush heads vibrate from side to side in a sonic motion that sets the saliva in motion. The brush feel is different, and it is individual what you prefer. Both techniques are gentle and effective in removing plaque and bacterial deposits. Cheaper electric toothbrushes often have fewer functions and accessories than the more expensive ones. On the other hand, in many cases the batteries last longer without a lot of features. Are these needed then? It is of course a matter of taste, but if you have decided to improve your oral health, a functional model can make toothbrushing more fun.

Dentist Anna Wraxe recommends that most of her patients start using an electric toothbrush.

-I see huge improvements in just one year when they change from manual to electric toothbrush.

– The faster, the cleaner is the principle when it comes to electric toothbrushes.

A child toothbrush should be around 20,000 movements per minute, while adults should aim as high as possible for the best effect, says Anna Wraxe.

How much is it then reasonable for an electric toothbrush to cost? Anna thinks you should invest at least 800-1000 kronor. Then you get a good model without compromising on quality, and if there are several in the family, you can share the handle itself.

-I do not know a dentist who does not use an electric toothbrush himself. It is simply better for oral health and more fun.


Test of Beconfident Sonic Whitening

-Price: 895 kr.

-Price per extra brush head: Approx. SEK 42.

-Max number of vibrations: 38,000 / min. (38000 oscillations/76000 single movements)

-Main technique: Sonic.

-Pressure sensor: No.

-Bluetooth app support: No.

-Built-in timer: Yes- with reminder was 30 sec

-Battery time according to the manufacturer: 360 min. (90 days if 2×2 min. brushing per day)

-Brushing modes: 5 pcs.

-Accessories: 2 brush heads, USB charger without electrical connector.

*Nice design. Easily switches between the different programs with a single button. With a USB connector, it can be charged, for example, via a computer or power bank. Very quiet engine. Narrow shaft for easy access deep into the mouth.