When it comes to Research & Development, Beconfident always pursues innovative and high-quality product development. We have since the start been working with Dr. Martin Ginger who is one independent expert who has dedicated his life to making these oral health products, and can answer any question in the industry.

This year he has also been hired by attorneys involved in important legal matters relating to the intellectual property of leading oral care companies, it cannot be disputed that Dr. Giniger has established himself as the world’s leading expert witness for the toothpaste and teeth whitening formulations industries.

Dr. Martin Giniger has been retained for more oral care products-related litigation than any other witness in the last four years. His services are provided equally to the Plaintiff and Defense for all matters, including those relating to toothpaste, teeth whitening and mouthwash formulations. He is the nation’s leading expert witness for all types of litigation, including intellectual property relating to toothpaste and teeth whitening products and dental injuries related to any type of dental malpractice. Dr. Giniger is also the only expert witness in the country with two doctorates and a specialty degree in oral medicine qualified to opine on the formulations of oral care products. Attorneys throughout the world count on Dr. Martin Giniger to inspect and report on his findings, and work with them through discovery, toward settlement or trial.

“I am extremely honored and truly grateful for the vote of confidence given to me by the world’s leaders in the oral care industry,” says Dr. Martin Giniger, President and CEO of Martin Giniger & Company. “It means a lot to me, and it inspires me to be even more relentless in delivering an unmatched service for those clients who have hired me.”