Working whitening mechanism


The Beconfident whitening effect comes partly from dissolution of stains on the surface of the tooth as well as oxidizing organic compounds causing discolorations deeper in the enamel and dentine.

The formulation consists of a combination of cleaning substances (surfactants, Surface Active Agents) and actively whitening free carbonates released from the gel ingredient 32% Sodium Bicarbonate. Contrary to whitening products containing Hydrogen Peroxide, that can cause irritation and pain, our active ingredients are gentle and free from any negative side effects.

The initial effect comes from the cleaning ingredients during the first two minutes of contact between the gel and the tooth surface. The surfactants lower the surface tension and binds chemically to the stains while lifting them away from the tooth. This process paves the way for the second phase and the temperature in the gel increases due to the body heat. The increased temperature together with the naturally occurring enzyme in the saliva – alkaline phosphatase – splits the Sodium Bicarbonate and forms free carbonates. The free carbonates oxidizes – dissolves – the organic discolorations within the enamel and dentine.

These processes in combination are patented (US 8580232 B2) and the reason behind Beconfidents unique whitening effect.

The same working mechanism can be found in the following products in the Beconfident Whitening System. The products also contain 0,05% Sodium Fluoride in order to remineralize the enamel.

1. Teeth Whitening Start Kit
2. Teeth Whitening Refill
3. Teeth Whitening Touch up cleaning pen

In the Beconfident Dual Boost Whitening Gel the first phase has a stronger cleaning action through Sodium Coco Sulphate. This ingredient can also be found in Beconfident Dual Foam.