Beconfident presents two unique apps to support you to get a better result of your whitening or Acne treatment – Beconfident Dental app and Beconfident Acne app.

With the Beconfident Dental and Acne App you can do the following:

  • Follow the result of your treatment
  • Get personal tips about issues related to a white smile and healthy skin
  • Get general information about whitening, acne and acne treatment
  • Get information about products and opportunity to order online

How it works

The purpose of the app is to support the user during his/her dental or skin treatment. All treatment takes time and the app will support and motivate the customer to complete the treatment as recommended. With Beconfident Apps the user can take a selfie and make a self-assessment of the whiteness and skin status. The selfie and a calculated value (dental & acne score), based on the self-assessment, are stored by the App. Our App will present previous selfies and dental & acne scores to make it possible for the user to follow the result of the treatment.

In Messagesthe user gets general information about dental & skin progress and personal information related to the profile data entered by the user. In Information the user will get information about dental & acne treatment in general. In Products the Beconfident Dental & Acne products are presented as well as other Beconfident skin care products with an opportunity to order online.

Unique Competitive Advantages

  • The only “self-treatment” support app in this field
  • Designed to increase treatment compliance
  • Selfies and self-assessment score indicates improvement progress
  • Provide guidance during the treatment

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