No teeth whitening system keeps the teeth white forever. Not everyone is comfortable with using teeth whitening systems every 2 months.  Also, it is necessary to find the right time to sit down 15 minutes a few days in row to get the good result.

A smart way is to keep and maintain your white teeth once you have reached the whiteness you like is to use the Night Serum during night. The Night serum is easily applied with the built-in brush onto your teeth, especially the esthetic front upper and lower teeth after you brushed your teeth ‘good night’

The Night serum will Whiten your teeth safely. On top of the whitening it will also strengthen your teeth and they will become less sensitive for cold and hot temperatures. This is how it works over night while you sleep

The 0.1% peroxide is approved for home tooth whitening and It reduces external tooth discoloration coming from black tea, coffee, smoking and other external sources.

All teeth enamel consists of approx 97% of hydroxyapatite. The serum also contains Hydroxyapatite and will support the natural repair process during the night. Even incipient caries lesions can be repaired. Daily brushing with a hydroxyapatite-containing toothpaste also helps to seal the so-called dentine tubules. In the case of exposed tooth necks, the pain sensitivity associated with thermal and chemical stimuli can be significantly reduced. To have tooth sensitivity can be very painful and the night serum offers a safe and effective solution!

The serum also contains a sodium salt called Tetranatriumpyrophosphat that helps to dissolve the discoloration of the teeth and to remove them more easily to get whiter teeth. Furthermore, the pyrophosphate has the property to restrict new formation of tartar. It also contains sorbitol which has characteristics and helps your gum to me moist and comfortable. All with a light flavour of mint.

Beconfident Night Serum last for approx 30 applications/ days and costs 19.50 €uro online or at Pharmacies