Beconfident Movie Team

We have just finished two fantastic film days with professionals to realize our first Beconfident TV commercials – All participants where super happy and felt that the production was well completed.

The heroes of the film and all crew match our best ideals – all participants were positive, kind, friendly and showed great respect to each other.

The movie theme – we will not disclose here – but as you know Beconfident  likes all types of individuals – no matter your personal views, your sexual interest, your political standpoints or religious background – we like and sympathize with all honest people and all who respect each other in this world. We believe in honesty and respect every day, in every moment always. These values we cannot negotiate.

The movies will be distributed through various TV channels and YouTube – and the movies and tutorials will take an important part in our marketing plan for the autumn. Here you see the Film team from MECS AB all the movie stars and representatives from Beconfident.