New toothpaste formulations that really are effective will be launched soon – and they are multifunctional

To develop a new toothpaste and compete in a market with Oral care brand giants like Oral b – (P&G), Crest – (P&G), Sensodyne – (GSK), Pepsodent -(Unilever), Armor Hammer – (C&D) Close Up – (Unilever) you really need to do something special.

Beconfident® has something special in pipeline – We have made extensive research and asked our customers what are you really looking for.  We have worked with the best world class developers. Most important is always to listen to our customers.

A majority of our customers say they want a toothpaste that is healthy, refreshing and keeping your breath fresh the whole day. A large portion also want to have a shiny and long lasting white smile.

The challenge is big. The food intake today contains a lot of powerful colorants that leaves a mark behind. If You prefer natural food with natural colorants it is a little bit easier – both types has the side effect  leaving stains and spots onto your enamel.

Our new toothpastes which we will launch in Spring 2019 – on a not yet official date, a secret date – will contains a long list of effective and active ingredients. The actual product is tested and ready now and we are in the final design work of the tubes and packaging. Below is one of the initial concepts tested in a retail store to measure customer reactions. We have taken several more steps ahead since then.

(Test design – not the final designs during a marketing research and study)

Our own Dentist, Dr. Hans Berglund says; – ” It has been an exciting project over the last 2 years to be part of the young and dynamic team that understand what todays consumer needs are. I myself is a very consistent person, I am not easy to convince for new innovative products but this time – even if I am part of the project – I will recommend everyone to try us out”

For me the convincing part is how the long list of active ingredients list is and how the ingredients are interacting together to boost the effect – It is a true Multifunctional toothpaste.

We do not want to disclose all ingredients in our product yet but here are a few – to make you understand it is a high-end effective toothpaste.




Blocks nerve depolarization I e limits limit tooth sensitivity by de-polarizing nerve endings. Same substance that you find in Sensodyne


To counter bad breath. The substance also has anti-tartar properties


Has a mild whitening effect and is slightly abrasive.calcium peroxide is a white powder that when incorporated into a toothpaste, dissolves the protein pellicle on teeth that attracts stains to the tooth surface and holds them captive. Thus when the protein pellicle is dissolved, all the stains that are adherent to the pellicle are gently stripped from teeth without harsh ingredients such as hydrogen peroxide. Calcium peroxide’s slow oxygen release properties, also makes it an ideal, cost-effective, shelf-stable and natural alternative for whitening teeth. Over weeks and months, the small amount of oxygen released, has a steady whitening effect by changing colored stain molecules, to clear molecules.


Remineralizes enamel


Low Abrasion Tooth Cleaner. Removes teeth stains. Also absorbs and neutralizes bad breath odors. Gently cleans the surface of the teeth. It is much less abrasive than black charcoal, because it is essentially the ash residue of charcoal after is has been fired in a kiln. Made from coconut shells and the bark of white birch trees. It is 100% natural and healthy. White charcoal can also raise pH on tooth surface, thus having a neutralizing effect on plaque acids. White charcoal is also neater and more hygienic looking than black charcoal, albeit more expensive alternative.


Anti-cavity. Max 800 ppm– (1200 ppm)


The Vitamin is basically a healthy essential nutrient. But since it is slightly acidic it will also aid the detergents in the toothpaste and improve the lifting of stains.


This is a well know substance that is anti-inflammatory and will promote gingival health.

For any Pharmacy retailer interested to participate in our launch and to sell our new line of Tooth pastes do not hesitate to contact us.

Please mail directly to our global sales center: [email protected]