The launch will take place at the Swedish Pharmacy Exhibition in Stockholm between the 8-9th of September 2016 – It is the Nordic event for B2B meetings venue for people working with Pharmacies, Medicine and Health-Care.

This is a chance for Beconfident® to show the innovative range for the industry, make new contacts and build relations. We hope to contribute to the event by adding our fresh brand into the well-established pharmacy distribution channel, says board member and Dr. Hans Berglund.Picture1It is a milestone for us to be present to show and discuss our new Acne and Skincare products – we have worked 30 months to come to this point and our developer Professor Jan Wadstein has studied Acne since 1990 – so it is a lot of accumulated work which is behind our products on display says Beconfident partner Johan Ling-Vannerus.

We have a central location at the fair which we already booked and planned since 1 year ago – we are excited to go to this event and meet present customers to show the new products and of course to meet and make several new distribution agreements for the Beconfident dental and skincare ranges.

We also intend to pre-present our new TV commercials that are going to be showed during the autumn in the Nordic countries. To show fantastic products is one thing but we must also demonstrate that we are able to support our brand and drive traffic to Pharmacy stores all over the Nordic region. 2017 the plan is to also to expand into Continental Europe with our commercials.