We are very proud to announce our latest global cooperation agreement with Advocotox AB who provides services in connection to evaluation of effects in the environment and effects on health of chemicals and chemical products.

One of BeconfiDents goal is to provide safe but yet effective products, to ensure that this is met, we decided to sign an agreements with Advocotox AB who will be responsible that our products continuously will comply with current regulations.
This agreement is necessary as BeconfiDent continues to launch new and innovative products on a regular basis. Our consultant, Cecilia Clemedsson, holds a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Cellular neurotoxicology and in addition she also has a Bachelor of Science in microbiology, molecular biology and chemistry.

AdvocoTox AB helps manufacturers and importers of cosmetic products to meet the legal requirements for these products. The manufacture and marketing of cosmetic products in the EU are regulated in the Cosmetics Regulation 2009/1223 / EC.

AdvocoTox offers the following services:
Preparation of Cosmetic Product Safety Reports (CPSR)
Preparation and compilation of product information (PI-files)
Labeling of products
Notification to Cosmetic Products Notification Portal (CPNP)
Preparation of Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for professional users, in Swedish and translation of SDS to all EU languages plus Norwegian, Turkish, Croatian and Russian.
In collaboration with our partners we also offer microbiological testing and chemical analyzes.

AdvocoTox also has regulatory expertise in other types of products such as disinfectants, chemical products, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices.