Working mechanism Acne Products

The Beconfident Acne System attacks the acne problem in two ways. First of all through the reduction of the common acne bacteria Propionebacterium acne and Staphylococcus aureus. Secondly by building the strength and elasticity of the skin, which helps to prevent but also relieve symptoms of any future active acne. Unlike most methods on the market that contain salicylic acid, Beconfidents products act with ingredients that will not dry out the skin or give other uncomfortable side effects.

Both Acne Prepare and Acne Reduce contain substances extracted from Bovine Colostrum – Natural raw milk. Prepare includes lactoperoxidase which is an enzyme with very strong antibacterial properties. This enzyme effectively reduces the acne bacteria. These bacteria are normally found on the skin but effectively reducing them will minimize the symptoms of acne. Acne Reduce contains large amounts of IgG (immunoglobolin G) which is also extracted from colostrum and will together with conjugated vitamin A improve skin quality. IgG has an anti-bacterial effect and helps to balance the skin’s bacterial flora.

Collagen helps to build the skin’s thickness and elasticity, but when the degradation of collagen is greater than the production the skin will become thinner and more sensitive. Conjugated Vitamin A in Acne Reduce has a very good ability to penetrate the skin cells and also promote the growth of collagen but also reduce its degradation. The improved quality of the skin effectively contributes to the long-term resilience to new acne attacks.

In an active acne phase Acne Prepare + Acne Reduce work in parallel to relieve symptoms in the short term and strengthen the skin’s own resistance in the long term. When the active phase subsides and there are clear signs of improvement, usually after 4-6 weeks, we recommend continued use of only Acne Reduce. At the next active phase combine again the two formulations as directed. It is important to complete the full course of treatment for 4-6 weeks for best long term results


Summary of Clinical Study for Acne – Bonde

20 patients, 7 men and 13 women, with an average age of 22,2 year followed a treatment for 3 weeks; 15 of these continued the treatment for an additional 3 weeks. Papulae, postules and cysts in the face was measured before and after 3 and 6 weeks of treatment. The face was cleansed using a mild neutral wash, after which FInito B with IgG was applied. This was repeated twice per day, morning and evening.

The total amount of Papulae was reduced from 328 to 235 (3 weeks) and to 121 (6 weeks); amount of postules reduced from 48 to 21 (3 weeks) and 11 (6 weeks); cysts from 1 to 0 (3 and 6 weeks). These differences were statistically significant. An interesting finding during the treatment period was that new papulae/postulae that appeared during this time were significantly fewer and milder. They also disappeared quicker. No side-effects were noticed except for a slight redness during the first days of treatment.

Beconfident Skin Care mechanisms – Better than you ever can expect.

sandbildBeconfident Cleanser Antioxidant

Beconfidents Antioxidant Cleanser is a gentle, low foaming gel cleanser that removes dirt and impurities without drying out or straining the skin. It contains organic witch hazel water and Aloe Vera that works soothing and moisturizing. Both are ingredients that have great advantages on sensitive skin and especially Aloe Vera which is very good if you have damaged skin from ultraviolet radiation. Cleanser

Antioxidants also has organic green tea extracts containing EGCG (Polyphenol Epigallocatechin-3 gallate) which reduces swelling, redness and the breakdown of collagen.

Beconfident Revitalizing Boost Serum

Revitalizing Boost Serum contains 1.68% Hylasome® EC 10 which is a non-animal hyaluronic acid that binds water 50 times more than ordinary hyaluronic acid and is 5 times more moisturizing after 24 hours. It also contains Panthenol, which in contact with skin transforms into pantothenic acid (vitamin B5). Pantothenic acid works moisturizing by adding water to the cells in on a deeper level in the skin. Clinical research has also shown that it is not only hydrating, but has an anti-inflammatory function and can relieve itching and help to soothe a dry and irritated skin.

Just as Cleanser Antioxidant, Revitalizing Boost Serum also contains organic green tea extract but also Superox-C that is derived from Kadadu plum is known as a super fruit. Superox-C helps to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and even out the skin tone thanks to the very high content of vitamin C.

 Beconfident Stay Fresh Day Cream

Beconfident Stay Fresh Day Cream is a moisturizing day cream to be used after our Revitalising Boost Serum. Stay Fresh contains 4% Betaine that moisturizes the skin, making it stronger and more elastic and has anti-inflammatory effect. It also contains organic coconut and sunflower oil that naturally moisturizes the skin. Stay Fresh also contains conjugated vitamin A (Retinyl Palmitate) that improves the quality of the skin by stimulating production of collagen.

Beconfident Hyaluronic Anti-Ageing Cream

Our Hyaluronic Anti-Ageing Cream contains Hylasome® EC 10 which is a non-animal hyaluronic acid that binds water 50 times more than ordinary hyaluronic acid and is 5 times more moisturizing after 24 hours. Hyaluronic Anti-Ageing Cream contains caprylic / capric triglyceride derived from coconut oil and glycerin. These are softening and great repairing active ingredients. It has a mixture of fatty acids, which repairs the surface of the skin and prevents moisture loss as caprylic / capric triglyceride’s main task is to moisturize and “fill out” the skin. Just like all the other Beconfident skin care products it also contains organic green tea extract.