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  • Anything is possible

    The private label is a land of opportunities.


    With the right idea product and pricing you can easily find your own winning niche. But your chance of success increases even more if you are working with a partner who is the expert in its product category, has solid understanding of your business and can offer a concept covering all steps from idea to implementation and launch.


    At Beconfident we specialise in products for oral care. Anything from Special Teeth whitening Gels and enamel repair gels to products that you use in your daily oral care routine such as Multifunctional toothpastes, Whitening toothpastes, Toothpaste tablets and Gel & Mouthwashes.


    Our innovation ability also stretches further and the coming years we are going to bring a new dimension to oral care routines. We are preparing more innovative and effective products to be launched that ever has been seen before.

    Example of our creativity and innovation can be shown in for example in our beautiful WhiteAmin® gel toothpaste that was the first toothpaste in the world containing Vitamins such as Vitamin A, B6, C and E. But this is only the start.

    We have also patent application for our new Mouth tray for whitening which has a unique ‘no flow’ function, offering our users a safer and a more effective whitening session. Maybe our new tray will proof to be up to 30-40% more efficient than mouth trays out in the market today.


    All development and research is done at our factory in south of Sweden in Båstad. Our clean room manufacturing facility is filled not only with Silverson mixing equipment, Double-sided  heat and pressure controlled mixing vessels but also with the latest tube-, syringe-, pen- filling machines. All in the same clean room environment with HEPA purified air ready to manufacture your future products.


    We are certified according to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, Follow CGMP and ISO 22716. Our Mfg room is ISO 8 clean rooms provide air cleanliness levels of a maximum of 100,000 particles (≥0.5 um) per cubic foot of interior air and a minimum of 20 air exchanges per hour. Technically we could be allowed to manufacture Medical devices. All to make sure You get the Quality you expect.

    The entire Beconfident® TEAM welcomes You onboard

  • Your idea

    Your idea is where we start. Based on that we develop a specific product offer. But we can also provide a wider perspective and additional services. We know the market with its laws and regulations. We gladly share our experience-based insight to optimize production. We can offer product documentation, labeling, stock keeping with call-off orders and reliable delivery services. Based on our extensive in-house knowledge, we can also suggest alternative ideas for products or proact lines that makes it all the way to the market.


    Thanks to a production and distribution center, we offer competitive prices and logistics solutions, stock keeping and delivery of call-offs. Our flexible manufacturing system makes it easy for us to offer you short series of complementary products.  We maintain a very high level of hygiene in our cleanroom and production and full traceability on all raw material. High hygiene level also translates to high quality-we can reduce the amount of preservatives thereby achieving a more natural product. You always have unlimited access to our personal support service.

  • Cleanroom

    The production takes place in a newly constructed so-called “clean room” which follows the classification ISO 8. Mixing and filling takes place in an environment where water and air are filtered, and all surfaces are disinfected continuously so that the product is of high quality and hygienic.

  • Products

    You are guaranteed a product that matches your expectations. We can adapt existing recipes and develop new products according to your needs. You diced the price and performance level, and we test the products impact versus the competition. Naturally, we adapt the products to meet your requirements for ingredients, function, labeling and compliance with your environmental policy.

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  • Contact

    Johan Ling-Vannerus
    Phone: +4670256 50 00
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