Getting caries or cavities in a tooth is no pleasure. It aches, hurts and affects the whole body since the pain is ever present. If your dentist considers that the cavity has penetrated too far into the tooth, it probably needs to be excavated and repaired.

The coatings that build up on the teeth during the day consist largely of bacteria. That’s what we call plaque. These bacteria feed on sugars and other carbohydrates that we consume and as a by-product they produce acid. The acid attacks and dissolves the surface of the enamel and unless the plaque is brushed away or the acid neutralized it continues to dissolve the enamel deeper and deeper. Just like if you spilled lemon or other acids on a marble bench. A spot is formed immediately.

Preventing caries is therefore quite an easy task. Just make sure to brush and remove the bacterial coatings regularly and avoid feeding the bacteria with sugar or other carbohydrates.

1. Brush your teeeth

It’s not more difficult than that! If you remove the soft coatings – the plaque, you have also removed the most important factor behind cavities. But it can be difficult to access everywhere. At most we have 32 teeth to keep track of and there are 5 surfaces on each tooth where the plaque can settle. Beconfident Sonic Whitening toothbrush is proven more effective than a manual. It works and cleans without the need for any movement – just place it on the tooth and press slightly and the brush does the job. With over 35,000 oscillations, swirls are formed that flushes toothpaste and water even between the teeth. It also gives you a signal every 30 seconds so you can systematically brush ¼ of your mouth at a time for the recommended 2 minutes brushing time.

Finally, one of the key reasons for the superiority of Beconfident Sonic Whitening toothbrush is the fact that it mixes the tooth paste and the saliva thoroughly and therefore the active ingredients work the best, better than you can achieve with any electrical rotating brush head or manual tooth brush. Simply much more effective

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Together with Beconfident Multifunctional whitening toothpaste, which contains more than the average content of active ingredients, you have a winning combination for great oral health.

Beconfident® Mujltifunctional toothpastes tubes

As a matter of fact, Beconfident was awarded ‘Oscar-beauty-award 2020’ by the biggest newspaper in Sweden (Aftonbladet-skönhetsredaktörerna),

BEST ORAL CARE PRODUCT 2020 – Beconfident, Sonic Whitening toothbrush and  toothpaste, Sweden.

The judges motivation was:

“Swedish upstart who curiously and innovatively produces well-formulated and thoughtful dental care that suits everyone”

2. Clean between the teeth

Although a Sonic whitening toothbrush rinses between the teeth, a more thorough mechanical cleaning is required at least once a day. It may be difficult to access but remember that the harmful bacterial coatings grow on all tooth surfaces. Use dental floss or interdental brushes and be sure to ask your dental hygienist or dentist how it’s done if you have difficulty getting started.

3. Regularly visit the dentist

By visiting your dentist or dental hygienist at regular intervals you keep yourself informed whether you run the risk of getting cavities. They will instruct you how to keep your teeth clean and if there are any areas you missed or if there are some initial caries formed that you should be extra careful about. If your gums are bleeding, it is a sign that your brushing needs to be improved and your dental hygienist will show you the optimal techniques and tools to use.

4. Avoid sugar

Sugar and other carbohydrates are favorite food for the bacteria in your plaque. The sugar is converted to acid which leads to caries. If you avoid sugar, the bacteria will also starve. Also consider how much sugar is found in soft drinks and sweets, that you consume between meals and give a constant reduction in pH in the mouth – more acid.

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