Like many other areas of the body, the mouth is a place with bacteria. Mostly harmless, but your mouth is also the entry point for your digestion and your airways and some of these bacteria can cause illness.

We now recommend you to brush your teeth one more time/day. In addition, as we recommend on all toothbrush packs – take some water and gargle around the toothpaste for 30 seconds after you have finished brushing your teeth. The effect of an extra 30 seconds is great because all the ingredients have the most efficiency when mixed during 2 minutes of tooth brushing and warmed up during this time to your body temperature. Then you can make full use of the functional ingredients, just like a mouthwash. This concept we have developed at Beconfident® and it s our top recommendation for overall improved oral health. Simply only add 30 seconds more

Normally, the body’s natural defenses in combination with good oral health care (such as daily brushing and flossing) keep bacteria under control. During these virus times, we are advised to be extra careful both with hand hygiene, but also with oral hygiene. However, without proper oral hygiene, bacteria can reach levels that can lead to oral infections, such as tooth decay and gum disease, which can then affect your immune system and make you more receptive to other diseases.

Tips to reduce oral bacteria:

  • Gargle 30 seconds more instantly after tooth brushing with the the toothpaste.
  • Brush your teeth 3 times daily instead of 2 times per day
  • Replace your current toothbrush or toothbrush head regularly on your electric brush (normally every 90 days)
  • Use a tongue scraper every morning to reduce bacteria created during the night.
  • Use Beconfident® Multifunctional Whitening toothpastes

Beconfident® Multifunctional toothpastes tubes

Worlds first toothpaste with Two step flavoring system™.

Vegan | Sulfate Free | Paraben free | Cruelty free | 98% of ingredients comes from natural origins


Beconfident has developed a series of completely unique multifunctional toothpastes that contribute to improved oral health. All versions incorporate Two Step Flavoring system™ which means they have different flavors initially ( Example. Açai, Cocos, Strawberry) to give a pleasant start and then gradually the flavors disappears and you fill find a long lasting fresh pepper mint taste in your mouth when you are finished brushing.

Here are som ingrediens that reduces bacteria or strenghtens your oral health. If You want to know more about toothpastes You are welcome to contact us on [email protected] and we can send product data sheets and clinical studies

  • WHITE ACTIVATED COAL* of the highest quality that has outstanding absorption properties and thus binds bacteria to you
  • HYALURONIC ACID** – Anti-inflammatory and moisturizing
  • ZINC is a natural mineral that reduces bad breath
  • VITAMIN C supports healthy gums and also contributes to improved immune function
  • FLUORIDE protects teeth from tooth decay

In addition to the above, they have exciting flavors that end with fresh peppermint flavor.

* ONLY TOOTHPASTE IN THE WORLD WITH THESE INGREDIENTS. WHITE ACTIVATED CARBON has a higher solid carbon content (93.9%), which is 22.62% more compared to BLACK ACTIVATED CARBON – ** HYALURONIC ACID has never been used in a toothpaste, however it is one of the most used skincare ingredients in the world


Sonic technology is superior. Removes bacteria, reduces tartar, and the risk of holes in the teeth. You’ll automatically get a healthier mouth, fresher breath and a whiter smile.