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For better oral health, cleaner teeth and a whiter smile. Up to 90 days battery life.


    • Why Beconfident® Sonic Whitening Toothbrush?
    • 38,000 oscillations (oscillations in the brush head) per minute give you whiter teeth, fresher breath, healthier gums and fewer cavities
    • Clinically proven 62% less plaque within 10 days
    • Quiet motor in the toothbrush handle
    • 5 different toothbrush programs
    • Contains 2 different brush heads, a Regular and a Whitening
    • Up to 90 days battery life with ‘long-life’ battery
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Beconfident® Sonic Whitening toothbrush does more than just clean your teeth and freshen your breath – it also creates good oral health with healthier gums and less tooth decay. The Sonic electric toothbrush vibrates at 38,000 vibrations per minute and removes plaque 62% better than manual toothbrushing. The sonic vibrations create a secondary cleaning effect / water movement that helps to remove plaque even between the teeth where the brush is not accessible. This helps to clean the entire mouth and remove all coatings for whiter teeth. You get the same clean feeling as after a dental visit.

Deep cleaning: Sonic electric toothbrush vibrates 38,000 times per minute and is clinically proven to remove plaque coatings very effectively.
Strong ‘long-life’ battery: Once the Sonic electric toothbrush is fully charged, a single charge is sufficient for up to 90 days of use. Electric toothbrush is charged using the included USB charger, convenient to use at home or on the go. Can be charged in PC, electric bank, car or telephone charger. If fully charged, the battery will keep charging for up to 3 months (in normal use, 2 minutes 2 times daily).
Timer: It only takes two minutes to thoroughly clean your teeth. The timer gives a signal every 30 seconds to change the quadrant. After two minutes, the toothbrush stops automatically.
5 brush functions: Clean: for optimal removal of plaque, Sensitive: extra gentle position for sensitive teeth and gums, Gum Care: longer brush strokes that also massage the gums, White: has alternating oscillations on the brush head to remove plaque and stains and give whiter teeth, Polish: strong cleaning for polishing and whitening effect.
Advanced Whitening effect: The superior Whitening brush head is specially developed to remove stains from the teeth and give you visibly whiter teeth. All Beconfident® toothbrush heads have DuPont® bristles with fadeaway colour as a reminder of when it’s time to change toothbrush heads. When the colour fades, it is time to change – normally every three months.
Specifications: 2000 mAh li-ion battery. IPX7 waterproof. CE, Rohs, FCC and FDA approved. A button for power on / off and mode selection. DuPont® bristles with colour reminder. Wireless charging mode via USB.

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For better oral health, cleaner teeth and a whiter smile. Up to 90 days battery life.

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Tested the products for a week
Tested the products now for a week - very pleased with the results and plan to use them in the future! Also received very good and quick assistance with questions I had about the products.
Easy to get in touch with them
Easy to get in touch with them, was a bit unsure how to use my product and got an answer after 3 hours. My teeth whitened in a nice natural way, and it didn't happen immediately either - clear recommendation.
It actually works!
It actually works! I ordered teeth whitening strips and teeth whitening pro kit and it actually works! Already after 13 days I can clearly see that my teeth have become significantly whiter. My family, who see me daily, have also noticed this.
Really happy with our toothbrushes!
Bought Sonic electric toothbrushes and their toothpaste in different flavours. It's been a long time since it felt so clean in my mouth. Also, the battery life is incredibly long. Cycled through Europe for 5 weeks without bringing the chargers and it lasted without problems. Really happy with our toothbrushes!