Try something new! – This is a toothpaste for every taste, need and moment; it comes in 5 unique flavors: Extra Mint, Coconut + Mint, Acai + Mint, Strawberry + Mint & Sensitive + Mint – We are now launching our EXPLORE KIT – this kit contains one 25 ml tube of every version. 25 ml is good enough for twice daily brushing for around 14 – 21 days. Perfect to carry along for weekend trip or your three week vacation.

Art No MP143025
Beconfident® new Explore Kit – 5 x 25 ml exiting toothpastes. Art No: MP143025

USP #1: Unique relaxing Two step Flavoring system™ – First flavor and smell thereafter gradually fresh peppermint. Practical Exploring Kit for home, travel or guests.

USP #2:Whitens teeth within 2 weeks with multiple active ingredients like; White Charcoal, Calcium Peroxide and Potassium Nitrate,

USP #3:Protects against plaque and Freshens breath up to 8 hrs

A truly different toothpaste with a large portion of active ingredient. We advise for best result after brushing always to add a sip of water to the toothpaste and swirl around toothpaste for additionally 30 seconds

We have 5 different versions of Multifunctional whitening tooth paste – One for every need: