Båstad 31st of August 2021




Beconfident is investing heavily in a brand-new Oral care manufacturing facility in Båstad, Sweden


Beconfident AB is a Swedish company with innovative products in teeth whitening, oral and skin care based in Båstad. The product development is done together with leading researchers in Sweden and the USA and so far, all manufacturing and logistics have been outsourced to various partners in Sweden, the USA, Europe and Asia. In June 2021, Beconfident’s head office moved into new premises on Hallandsvägen in Båstad, and under the same roof, all production, packaging, customer support and logistics will be handled from this autumn.


A big and important step for a growing company,” says Johan Ling-Vannerus, CEO of Beconfident. “Both our own brand and our private-label business are growing strongly and gaining control of the entire value chain from ingredient to end product is essential for our products to provide an optimal customer experience.”


The production takes place in a newly constructed so-called “clean room” which follows the classification ISO 8. Mixing and filling takes place in an environment where water and air are filtered, and all surfaces are disinfected continuously so that the end product is of high quality and hygienic.


The centralization of all manufacturing steps also has a positive impact on the environment with less (no) transportation and CO2 pollution since everything is done in Båstad, even the concepts and chemical designs are born in the laboratory.


As a natural step in the company’s development during the spring, Beconfident also underwent a certification process in accordance with ISO 9001 and 14001. ISO 22716 is a quality system and a standard for cosmetics where the company’s process for development, purchase, manufacture and sale of cosmetic products has been reviewed and certified.


We now have full control over all ingredients and that the mixture of products is made correctly and hygienically in relation to the recipes we have developed. Most of the competing teeth whitening products on the market are manufactured in Asia and this adds uncertainty in terms of content, efficiency and safety for the customer. The fact that we do the production in Båstad also means great environmental benefits and savings in transport costs. Of course, we are also very proud to now have a certified quality system in the company. In the end, it provides security for our customers that the products contain what they are supposed to and keep what we promise,” explains Johan Ling-Vannerus.



The move and the consolidation of the business also means that Beconfident is adding new jobs to the municipality and so far, five people have been hired. The premises are large and Beconfident’s growth may in the long run create a need for additional employees.


The future expansion is target towards pharmacy distribution across Europe and as an information portal the company has already published 15 different websites in local languages – www.beconfident.com


Interested in knowing more about Beconfident®  and why the company insources instead of outsources, how the company can compete with global brands and why and clean oral care mycosa and a white smile is healthy – welcome to contact us directly at [email protected] or give us a call at +46-(0)702-56 50 00, any time.


City and date: Båstad 31st of August 2021


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