Many of usare not aware that we grind or clench our teeth – it happens mostly at nightand reduce the quality of sleep that everyone needs – side effects are apartfrom less sleep, stiff neck, headache and very often long-term wear and tear ofyour teeth.

If you orthe person you live with grinds their teeth at night, you also know whatproblems it can cause. Headaches, pain in the teeth, anxious sleep and notleast the sound of teeth grinding that can keep anyone awake. These areproblems that can affect the whole family.

Good night sleep is the foundation for quality life

But thereare methods and tools to address these problems and make your everyday lifesignificantly better.

Ready-to-use dental guard for good nights sleep

1. Checkyour stress and anxiety levels

Stress andanxiety are some of the main factors that can trigger tooth grinding orbruxism. Stress is unfortunately an all too common part of our everyday livesand can be difficult to influence. But being aware of its existence and tryingto find time for relaxation and winding down is probably one of the bestmethods to also affect your tooth grinding.

2. Cutdown on caffeine and other stimulants

Getting alot of caffeine increases tonus in your muscles and certainly gives a positivekick but can also prevent you from relaxing and resting especially at night.Drinks with a high sugar content can have the same effect and are as you knowalso harmful to the enamel of your teeth. Try to limit your intake of thesesubstances and you will also be able to sleep better at night and reduce the toothgrinding.

3.Relaxing massages

The factorswe discussed increase your muscle tone and tension in the neck and jaws areimportant background factors for the tooth grinding. The tensions can lead tomore chronic problems with headaches, facial pains and TMJ problems (the jointfor your lower jaw), so it is important that you treat them and come to termswith the causes. Regular massages and relaxation exercises reduce thesetensions and lead to grinding subsiding.

4. Goodsleep hygiene

Anythingthat prevents you from relaxing and getting a good sleep increases the chancesof you grinding or clenching your teeth. Make sure your bedroom is dark. Feelfree to remove the TV and your mobile from the bedroom because they arewell-known gadgets that will prevent you from relaxing and asleep.

Create agood sleep hygiene with a dark, quiet and cool bedroom free of things that cansteal your attention and prevent you from relaxing.

5. Get aDental guard

Using a dentalguard is a very effective way to stop teeth grinding. They are designed to createa distance between your upper and lower jaw so that your teeth do not come intocontact with each other.

The dentalguard causes the jaw muscles to relax and you will quickly notice that yoursleep is improving and that you wake up more refreshed and relaxed. BeconfidentProtect dental guard is very safe, easy to adjust and comfortable to use. Protectis also a dental guard that is sleek and easy to get used to – very importantbecause if you do not use the dental guard it will not help you to get rid ofyour teeth grinding. Simple as that.

We wish youa good nights sleep so you can re-load and conserve energy for the day.

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