There are many reasons why we get discoloration on ourteeth and most have to do with our lifestyle and habits. Smoking, drinks likecoffee, tea, red wine and soft drinks are strongly discoloring but are quiteeasy to get rid of if you follow our advice. But we are also born withdifferent shades of teeth which is entirely natural variation but moredifficult to change.

At BECONFIDENT, we would like to help you get ahealthier, whiter smile and if you follow our advice below you will come someway along the way.

1. Brush your teeth.

It may sound like a superfluous recommendation. But itactually helps to brush your teeth a few hours before you eat or drinksomething known to discolor your teeth such as red wine. Plaque on your teethbuilds up during the day and will attract and bind the substances that stainsyour teeth. Therefore, if you clean your teeth before drinking your red wine –then the discoloration also decreases. If you brush an hour or so before youeat and drink the taste of the toothpaste will not affect the experience.

Suitable Beconfident products:

Sonic Whitening Brush

Multifunctional Whitening Toothpaste. 

2. Buy a good Sonic toothbrush!

There are many scientific studies that have proventhat a good electric toothbrush is much more effective than a manual. The wholepurpose of mechanically brushing your teeth is to remove the bacterial plaquethat continuously builds up on the dental surfaces. The bacterial plaque notonly cause discoloration but are also causing both cavities and periodontalproblems. Therefore, we recommend using a Beconfident Sonic toothbrush that isproven more efficient than a manual. The unique “sonic” oscillationsprovide a vortex effect that also rinses through and cleans the surfacesbetween the teeth. However, you should supplement brushing with flossing or interdentalbrushes. The Sonic brush also have a setting for teeth whitening and awhitening brush head that polishes the tooth surfaces and gives visiblewhitening effect when used together with our Multifunctional WhiteningToothpaste.

Suitable Beconfident products:

Sonic Whitening Brush

Multifunctional Whitening Toothpaste. 

3. Teeth whitening

Even if you are diligent with your brushing, yourteeth will continue to get discolored to some extent. Then it might be usefulto make a more basic bleaching with any of Beconfident’s whitening methods forhome use. They consist of a gel-based whitening that you use together with atray adapted to your teeth. The gel is available in different strengths andthey are all safe and harmless to your teeth and does not increase toothsensitivity or give any other side effects.

Our teeth whitening products are perfect for cleaningand whitening of discolored teeth but has limited effect on your natural toothshade. We recommend that you repeat our base whitening every two to threemonths as needed and then maintain the whitening effect using the Sonic toothbrushand our toothpaste.

Suitable Beconfident products:

Teeth whitening Premium X3 Kit

Teeth whitening Dual Boost X2 Kit

Sonic Whitening Brush

Multifunctional Whitening Toothpaste

4. Other ways to keep the discolorations under control

We have gone through and recommended methods and toolsto control discoloration and keep your teeth healthy and white. With gelwhitening, a good brush strategy and sonic toothbrush with our toothpaste,you’ll go a long way.

At Beconfident we have also developed some otherproducts that will maintain whiter teeth – both in the short and long term.Teeth Whitening Strips provide a good whitening effect especially on your frontteeth and you can use these to quickly get a result. An even more local effectyou will get with our Whitening Pen.

Our Teeth Whitening Night Serum is a gel that youapply before going to bed. It has ingredients that will repair some of the aciddamage you get on your teeth during the day and also contain whiteningingredients that will reduce discoloration.

Suitable Beconfident products

Teeth whitening Strips

Teeth whitening Night Serum

Teeth whitening pen